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Commitment to Our Clients

“Commitment is what transforms a promise into reality” –Abraham Lincoln Week two of our three-week commitment series will focus on our commitment to our clients. For those who have ever bought or sold a home, you understand how challenging it is to select the right brokerage. MinnGo isn’t just a brokerage, we see ourselves as your partner throughout the transaction and beyond. Whether it is picking up the phone when you call, or making sure all of the disclosure documents are provided by the seller and their agent. Our knowledge and devotion to real estate makes us the #1 pick for you and anyone you might recommend (we love referrals!!) Now it’s time to walk the walk and not just send out an empty promise! Moving forward, every client of MinnGo will receive access to Centriq, a custom homeowner tool that helps you keep track of warranty repairs, replacement parts, and so much more. We will be sending a separate setup email to each of you so that you can get started managing your right away! Our pledge to our clients is to always be committed to you in all of your real estate endeavors.

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