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Hot 4 Oakland

"Your Greatness is limited only by the investments you make in Yourself" -Grant Cardone

Happy Friday everyone! One of my favorite authors/real estate mogul Grant Cardone hit it on the head as someone who continues to set bigger goals. As we prepare for the New Year and begin to put together our CY18 goals, minngo is planning to CRUSH IT - and we hope to have you on board for the journey! This week's newsletter is a visit back to our Oakland property and I wanted to be the first to let everyone know it will be up for sale within the next month. The property will be listed for sale and I wanted to give my newsletter network the first opportunity to make me an offer I can't refuse! Reach out and let me know! This is by far the most interesting project I have ever worked on 😁

Location. Location. Location. Oakland is booming. In particular, Bushrod and Temescal are on fire. The area was listed as Redfin's hottest spot! Want to learn more about Oakland? Shoot an email to our very own Oakland agent Brent Tarnow. A current resident of Bushrod, he actively invests and knows his way around the area.

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StartFragmentCongress and TaxesEndFragment

As many of you know, Congress has been causing quite the interest over the past month with the tax changes. As we head into CY18, we will bring as many tidbits as we can to try and save you some $$$. For today, here are two things you might want to do by end of day

Pre-Pay State Property Taxes that were Already Assessed in 2017 Consider pre-paying your state property tax bill that was assessed and issued in 2017 by the end of the year. The tax bill is putting a $10K aggregate limit on all state and local taxes beginning in 2018. Check your bill as it is common to have it broken into two payments.

Pay Your Q4 2017 State Income Tax You do not need to wait until April 15th to pay your Q4 2017 state income tax bill. If you pay it in 2017, you should be able to deduct the taxes in 2017 as itemized deductions rather than deducting them in 2018 which will subject them to the $10,000 aggregate limit.

StartFragmentIf you are a tax guru like me, you will love the article minngo's accountant* put together! Check it out here Summary of Tax Bill

StartFragmentWe are not accountants or CPA's, so please consult your tax professional before doing anythingEndFragment


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