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Commitment to the Community

Over the next three weeks we will be rolling out three newsletters to highlight our value of commitment. It is this belief in commitment that we feel separates us from the rest, and why doing business with MinnGo will lead to a true partnership. The first commitment we wanted to discuss is our commitment to the surrounding community, as a business, and stakeholder in the creation of a neighborhood. Often times we think of a building or property as an object that is simply owned or transferred with a sale, but we believe in more. Each house is filled with memories that people carry with them throughout their life. We at MinnGo understand the hours upon hours of time spent caring for the little things that make a house into a home. The reason to select us rests in our roots within the community and reaching shared goals with community members. Highlighted in this video, you can see how humbled we were to participate in an event with such distinguished guests of honor. As the saying goes, a rising tide lifts all boats; and we look forward to rising along with this great community.

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