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Bay to Break-ur Bank

Bay to Break-ur Bank

"The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco" - Not Mark Twain

From all of us at minngo, we would like to wish you all a happy and safe 4th of July and happy official start to summer!! Here is some information we all wish was deceiving but is true, according to this article by the SF Chronicle, San Franciscans need to earn $330k a year to buy a median-priced home!?!?! The California Association of Realtors supported this information based on survey data that reviewed the monthly payment for homeowners; including mortgage, taxes, and insurance. Now, before you start to squirm in your seat, remember that the spectrum of prices c

an vary quite a bit. To get into a starter home, the income needed is significantly less. Also, depending on your down payment, the necessity for a high income can become more/less important. minngo has access to a vast amount of resources to help our peeps reach their real estate goals. If you are a long time renter and worried about making the leap to becoming a homeowner, take a few minutes to reach out and let's chat about options. Whether we search for homes that better meet your commute or find loan program assistance that other real estate professionals don't have access to. Every day we set our goals to help people reach theirs! Maybe it's time to ask for a raise? (minngo has you covered in this article ) As always, if there is anything you need or have any questions, Reach Out !!!!

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