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Red Light with Centriq

"Stay committed in your decisions, but stay flexible in your approach" Tony Robbins

Happy Friday peeps! September is upon us and it is officially the start of Pumpkin Spice everything :) I was chatting with my brother Josh the other day and he reminded me of the cool features that Centriq has when it comes to your home appliances. Last October we offered all of our followers the opportunity to sign-up for a free app called Centriq (from our newsletter) that tracks all of your home appliances to remind you about important safety recalls or simple things like a water filter in your refrigerator. Centriq is very user friendly, check out the images below from my brother Josh!

How it works (Easy Amazon Connected)

An email comes from Centriq to let you know about an update. The link in the email connects you to the app and you can see all of your registered appliances. You simply scan the bar-code for each item and it's super easy :)

Verify that the red light is on from the water filter in your refrigerator :) When you select the water filter from the Centriq app, you are taken to the item in Amazon and can easily order the replacement filter!

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