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The Taxing Migration

"In Baseball and in Business, there are three types of people. Those who make it happen, those who watch it happen, and those who wonder what happened" Tommy Lasorda (Hall of Fame baseball player and manager)

Happy Thursday to all the baseball fans out in the world! Since the newsletter spreads across such a big network, I hope your team is still in the race :) As we enter the final season of 2018, I came across an interesting article that discusses a recent shift in the housing market based upon taxes. Skip to the bottom for an exclusive deal in Oakland!! What we've been seeing the past couple of months is a migration from higher tax states to lower tax states based on rising costs in housing. The study found that 25% of home searchers looked to move to another metropolitan area and stated that housing-related reasons are the primary reason for households relocating to a new county. The upcoming tax reform is accelerating this migration that has really been going on since 2010, however, the rate is increasing as housing affordability in some of the major cities continues to set new records. Although this trend has been occurring around the country, let's keep it relevant to Californian and the Bay Area :) The top destination for people leaving San Francisco is actually Sacramento. People looking to leave a studio apartment for a house are adjusting to the new space and cost of living. Like I always say, we do love to analyze the market to spread some fun to our peeps!!! Whether you want to sell in the Bay Area or Buy in a surrounding neighborhood, minngo has you covered each step of the way!! *Keep in mind that most of these stats do not factor in the high level of income potential available in the Bay Area

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